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Had an awesome ride on tango today!!!

So last time i rode her she got really strong towards the end of our courses so today just in the warm up i was really working on collecting and extending the canter. She’s a dressage horse too so she knows a lot more than she leads you on to believe, i was testing how much i could use my seat hold her and add leg and still keep her cantering and i didn’t even come close to her limit it was so cool.

Then we started a pole line warm up and I wanted to challenge myself a bit so I would ask her to hold and get the 7 and then go forward and get the 6. That an exercise I really love doing and havent had the chance to do with the other horses i had been on. I probably could have gone for an 8 with how well she collects but my trainer told me to get a 6 or 7 so i just chose to play with those two.

Then we just did outside line to outside line and I did the same thing adding and taking out the strides. but then I also went chasing down distances. Shes more of a jumped, so I would try coming around the corner using my outsides aids mostly to turn and then I would wait until I saw the distance 2 or 3 strides out, and then I would ride forward to that distance. If i didn’t see it I would just hold and support to the base of the fence and wait until I saw if she would take it short or go long.

finding the distances and going forward to those had to be one of the most awesome feelings I have felt. then I would land in the line sit back, half halt and she came instantly back and i could choose between the 6 or 7.

Then we did a simple hunter course and i worked on the same thing. She gets stronger in courses but it was able to control it much better today than my last ride on her. 

Then I got a sort of mixed course, there was a roll back and a bending line and a couple long approaches basically just making you ride to every single fence because the horse didn’t know where they were going for a single fence (there were no lines). And she is soooo fun to ride like roll backs and stuff like that. she got a little strong with the bending line and towards the end, but the roll back for us was fences 2 and 3 and I would just look as going over the first jump and she responded so well, didnt even think about going to the second jump in the line instead of the roll back.

The even when she did get big in our last course I just used my seat and she responded really well and added every time i asked.

gahhhh i love these jumper rides im riding and these horsesss <3

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Hey Guys I’m Back!

So I kind of left this blog over the summer, I was so busy at camp that I really didn’t have the time and motivation to keep up with it. But I’ve decided to try and keep myself sane in college by devoting this blog to be the journal blog of my life in IHSA on the Connecticut College Equestrian team. 

This summer I was very lucky to have gotten to ridden a horse named Montana who honestly was the best thing that could have happened to me. I wish I had documented our time together more closely but I just didn’t have the time. 

But now I’m at school and our season has just started and I am very excited to be able to share my experiences with you. Hope you all enjoy :)

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