Lesson goal for today

So idk if we are going to jump, but if we do i have three goals- my main on is my hands (this partially applies for flat riding too). I dont want any of that broken wrist thing that i do so im gonna try to really focus on that as well as my release when i jump. Ive been noticing i dont really have a release and i think its effecting my whole position.
If i can do that i want to also focus on keeping my back flat when landing the jump because i tend to round my back a ridiculous amount.
Lastly i want to of course keep working on my heels being downnnnn haha.
So yeah cross my fingers we jump. I did have an awesome flat ride on tuesday but i cud use a little extra today :)

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My goal for my lesson today

(If we jump) i want to work on my release. Ive noticed how much i really don’t release so i’m gonna focus on little things one at a time like this and then back to my heel and leg, then finally to my back when i close. Then hopefully all of this will contribute to my eq as a whole and help me stop jumping too far ahead.

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