Q: Are you still looking for a barn or have you found a good one?

still looking. hopefully i’ll find one eventually

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Working with Kiddo

So the past week I’ve been at camp and its been really amazing. for the first time in my life ive had 3-4 consecutive rides on a horse where I’ve just been able to work on them. one small problem after another.

Day 1- My first time on him, the big issue: drifting off the rail in transitions and around the corners/short side. Then we worked on circling and he would grab the bit and stop bending/turning. so we worked on that for a solid 45 minutes and got that fixed. 

Day 2- just rode for like 15 min in a mock lesson and I figured out he totally rushes fences.

Day 3- Last night. I started riding and worked on the consistency of the trot and then started cantering figure eights and realized that altho he can occasionally get his changes (he got one) he was charging through the diagonals. so instead I worked on simple changes and at first it was really bad and i had to totally stop him and back him up because he just grabbed the bit and ran. but then we started to work on the simple changes. he really didnt get it at first. his downwards transitions were very abrupt and backwards instead of him stepping into the trot he would kind of just fall out of the canter. by the end it wasnt perfect but it was sooooo much better.

Day 4- today we worked on the rushing fences bc the trainer was there so we could jump. we started at the trot. when he cantered i would halt him and back him up. and then we started to get it so i would canter until like 5 strides away and then trot the fence again. Then we started cantering the fence and the first couple times we just halted after but a few times in and he was superr. It could have been him just getting tired but it was getting so much better.

Its been really awesome jsut being able to work with one horse like this :)

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So guys I just haveeee to tell you about my lesson yesterday. It was beyond amazing. Rush bruised himself up in the paddock with his friends and so I rode Orion who is AMAZING. I’ve ridden him twice but never jumped him before and ohhh our lesson was a lot of jumping. 

It started with just a bounce of cavalettis and he is one of those perfect hunters you just get him into a really slow nice canter and he just finds his distances. through the cavalettis, because they were so small, i was just working on holding my core and leg and trying to stay up and not thing about closing that much, just going with the horse.

Then my trainer put us through 2 bounces, cavaletti xrail cavaletti and again he was awesome. even when we wouldnt get the perfect distance i was figuring out how to just hold my core and support him through them. 

and then my trainer put in two more cavalettis and i kinda started freaking out a bit. I just have a lot of trouble with nerves when jumping and with four bounces its so important to get the exact striding into it and so i was really nervous. but i honestly dont think you understand how amazing this horse is. he has a really awesome eye and really opens up and is fluid through his jumping. I have never felt such amazing bounces in my life which is saying something because bounces can be really difficult for me to stay with especially if there are multiple ones.

So i still have 2 more parts of this lesson but this was already a ton to write and i love those of you who read and follow these. I really wish someone could have gotten part of this lesson on video it was just so amazing

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Had an awesome ride on rushms todayy. And i think i got one or two videos. We only had one major mistake :) i was so happy

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